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Gift Socks Series: Introduction to the Space Socks Collection

April 18 2019 – Sophie Green

Hi Everyone,

Since Holiday season is coming, we glad to tell you more about one of our best selling Gift Box Series: Space Socks Gift Box

We designed this series years ago and this space set is still our one of top charming selling series. Thanks to the fashionable design and great quality control, almost all of our customers rated us as 5 stars from our recent survey in this August.

Hope you love this collection as well.



Novelty Space Pattern:

One small step for man, one large step for man's collection of incredibly cool space socks. Black with math formula; Blue with constellation and the Big Dipper; Navy with astronaut and rocket; Deep blue with solar and spacecraft;


80% Cotton, soft, comfortable, stretchy and breathable. All the graphics are stitched directly into the socks instead of an iron-on transfer, so it won't peel off.

The welt contains elastic fibers, comfortable and suitable for long-term wear. High-strength spandex yarn is included in the jacquard part bring a clear and delicate pattern. The imitate-hand stitch technique results in seamless thread joints and rigid and durable toe-caps.


Moisture-wicking, ventilation, smell free, medium thickness, soft touch and durability, no fading, hold up well in the laundry. Suit for men's sandals, casual, athletic, dress or formal shoes.


Recently Top Reviews:

1.Comfy great looking socks!!

Oh boy!!! Time to nerd out with these socks!! Lol. I love fun socks and wear them with every outfit that I can! When I saw these space ones I had to get them! The socks are extremely comfortable and look great! The color on them is spot on and look just like in the pictures! I will attach a couple of pictures that I took so you all can compare!

I have a weird thing about wearing brand new socks, so I immediately threw all of them in the wash, I wash all my socks in a mesh bag, and put them in the drier at a low rumble and the socks still look perfect!! I hate when socks shrink up and lose color when you wash them and these look just like new! This company has a set of animal sock that I also want!!

Overall I really like these socks! They are very comfy and would make a great gift! Comes with a nice box and everything!!

Here for you on July 12, 2018

2. Great quality, very happy with this purchase.

I love the socks and the way they look and fit and they are not too thick or too thin.
I assumed they’d be too thin but I bought them anyway because they look flipping sweet but they are not. I believe these will last me a few years minimum and I’m wearing them practically once a week.

By Brandon Dayon September 11, 2018

Space Socks Series


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