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How to choose a pair of socks suit you well? Follow these 3 Keys

September 04 2019 – Sophie Green

Are the last unwanted Christmas gift or a boring need to buy. But wearing the right pair of socks is the key point to help you keep healthy and feel comfortable all day long.

Material :

Socks exist to keep your feet comfortable when wearing shoes. However, the wrong material will not protect your feet effectively.

Your feet contain a lot of sweat glands: exactly about 250,000. That's why your feet tend to sweat so fast and that's why bad material can do so much harm. If socks absorb moisture from your feet instead of letting them escape, they create friction and blisters.

Although cotton looks like a beautiful natural fabric, it is best to avoid it in socks. Cotton absorbs moisture, creating an unpleasant wet feet sensation. And rubbing wet tissue on your skin is a sure way to get a bladder. Wear cotton socks only when you're sure you're not sweating.

Many people choose synthetic fabrics that are comfortable, durable and breathable. Acrylic or nylon stockings are good, versatile options.

For those who prefer natural fabrics, bamboo or merino wool works well. Bamboo breathes well so as not to retain moisture on the feet and is also a natural antibacterial agent. Merino wool is very breathable, soft and scratch-free.

Think about how sexy you need to be. A thick sock made from a fabric like merino will keep you warm than a thin bamboo. You can also put on a sock with silk padding underneath to increase heat.

Purpose :

To be combined with woolen socks and stockings to watch movies or TV series in winter.

Then, you will need to consider your goal when choosing a pair of funny socks.

If you're looking for something to wear to work in the office, a cheap cotton sock is all you need. But if you're going for jogging, you want to avoid cotton and collect something that instead of moisture wicks.

Looking for sports socks? In addition to the right material, make sure they also offer padding in the heel and sole of your feet to help you stay comfortable. You can choose more or less lining according to your preference.

For more intensive activities, such as snowboarding or hiking, you need very thick and durable socks. Fortunately, you can find special socks for all kinds of activities. The more intense the physical activity, the more you should consider choosing socks with the right shape.


Take a look at this:
Finally, you can think about what your socks should look like.

When choosing socks for active purposes, such as training, you should consider function rather than fitness. More importantly, they do what they need to do to make them look good. Plus, with so many different styles available, you're sure to find a pair that has both the quality and the look you need.

If you choose stockings for more casual purposes, you can give them more weight. Choosing the most beautiful socks is largely a matter of personal style. For example, some people prefer to wear their sneakers with socks that don't show up, while others may wear bright and visible socks for a bold look.

Just make sure that if you work in a strictly professional environment, your socks are professional enough. This usually means choosing socks that match the color of your trousers.

With these factors in mind, you can say goodbye to socks that sweat, itch or are uncomfortable forever. Your feet will appreciate it!

Cited from & wroted by ELYSE HAUSER


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