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The 3 ways to pair your socks with shoes and suits

October 10 2019 – Sophie Green

What socks to wear depends on what clothes and shoes you are paired with.

First, dress socks:

dress socks
No matter how many times people emphasizing that in a formal occasion, they cannot wear white socks. Some people feel that their temperament is very immeasurable like Michael Jackson. In fact, not only you cannot wear white socks at formal occasions, almost all pants and shoes cannot wear white socks. The only exception is sports shorts + sports shoes. Students are white socks' paradise. However, you will find it hard to pair when at work. If you are working, or if you have more white socks, you can only say that you are a physical education teacher. Normally, never buy white socks. For the color, dress pants + black socks + shoes are the safest match options. Be careful, please pay attention to the length. The standard is that no matter what movement, your ecstasy feet will never be revealed.

The safest style, in addition to the pure color with no pattern, a vertical thread pattern will thinner the ankle, which is the gospel of a man with thick calf. Pay attention to pulling the socks flat when wearing this kind of socks. Otherwise, the wrinkles are very obvious and look very embarrassing.

Second, Yara socks:

Yara Socks
Smart casual should be the widest occasions in your daily life. In this case, it is recommended to add a sentiment to your socks, which can reduce the dullness of the solid color. The details are up and down, and in this way, your outfit would be more refined. The rhombic pattern is the easiest to get started. For beginners, be avoid to choose the finest patterns. A simple big rhombic is easier for you to start with.
stripe socks
In general, the dark combination of black and gray is easy to wear, and the inadvertent appearance of blue, red or green would shine you out. There are many patterns and a variety of colors. The dark blue is the color that can float between leisure and formal wear. If there is a bright color on your sock, the proportion of bright colors should not be too much. It will be too fancy, unless pure leisure. All in one word, the main color would still be dark.

Third, leisure socks:

polka point socks
The patterns are more flexible and suitable for leisure moments, such as stripes. Fine stripes should be cautious as mentioned above. If your outfit is all bright combinations, it is better to choose the wider stripes. It’s not easy to wear stripes, you will easily to become uncle McDonald is you paired them wrong. Non-high-order takes no try. It is easier to pair the polka dot: the polka point can also be used to match a business casual occasion. Denim plus polka points plus brown leather shoes are a perfect match which can be traced from the previous century. Note that in the polka-dot socks, blue and white are the most common and classic ones which are the safest and best-looking choice. White dots on the red background can also be an option, but other colors are not easy to match up.

poker socks
Here comes to the point, a pair of special theme socks can perfectly make you stand out. A formal dress decorated with exclusive novelty socks like this poker socks, show your wild and unrestrained desire. So be sure to keep a few pairs of exaggerated socks in your drawer, shocking passers-by and your friends around. If you are attending a party or a more lively and younger occasion, try vivid colored socks like red or yellow, or even pink (Chuck once in The Gossip Girls, wearing pink socks with a suit, unexpectedly good-looking it is).

Generally, there is no difference between human beings. Only by doing as much detail as possible can you become the final winner and the dominator of your life.


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